[rescue] adding a disk to my u2

Mike F lists at ibrew.net
Thu Jun 29 14:25:22 CDT 2006

Kevin Foote wrote:
> I know there was a discussion on largest disk etc for a sun U# a while back
> So if some one would sum it up quickly and let me know if this disk will fit
> in my u2
> I'd appreciate it.
> I cant even recall if a 1.6 will fit right now.. and the box is at a colo
> so i cant  check.
> I'll keep searching for a doc on the net though..
> seagate ST173404LCV 1.6" HIGH (FULL HEIGHT)
> thanks
Unfortunately, this disk will not fit in an Ultra 2. I had to ask myself 
this question recently and both from RTFM and looking at my Ultra 2 a 
1.6" disk physically will not fit in either slot. I wish it weren't so, 
as the disk you mention is listed on Prcewatch from several vendors 
*very* cheap (about $35 IIRC), and that disk has a 16MB cache as well.

What it all boils down to is that in Seagate's numbering scheme, 
ST1=1.6" drive, and ST3=1" drive. Both on ebay and from resellers, the 
1" drives go for about twice as much in $/GB.

As I said, needed more disk for my U2, so I ended up buying a Seagate 
ST336706LC (1" 36GB 80-pin SCA) off ebay for $34/shipped with a spud 

At some point I'd like to pick up a 6-slot 711 and populate it with some 
of those cheap 1.6" drives. That would make a really nice Solaris 
10/zfs/raidz setup.


- Mike

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