[rescue] SCSI PCMCIA readers available

jwb-tech at picarefy.com jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Wed Jun 28 18:38:22 CDT 2006

In my continuing quest to be able to walk around my apartment, I'm trying
to get rid of a box of 15 Litronic Argus 2102 units, which are two-slot
SCSI-based PCMCIA readers intended for use with Fortezza encryption --
this is the final remnant of my efforts to get solid-state SCSI storage.
Each unit comes in an original factory box with the reader, power supply,
HD50M to HD50M cable (about two feet long), HD50M terminator, and
instruction pamphlet. Unfortunately, Litronic doesn't seem to have a page
about the 2102 specifically anymore, but you can find things like a driver
compatibility matrix
(www.litronic.com/products/fortezza/driver-compatibility.html) and some KB
articles (www.litronic.com/support/kb/index.html#fortezza).

I would like to get rid of the whole lot at once if possible, and to that
end I'm willing to let them go for the cost of shipping. All fifteen of
them together are about fifty pounds, which will cost about $50 to ship
within the US.

If anybody just wants one or a few, please contact me anyway. If nobody
takes the whole lot, I'll be glad to give as many as I can to good homes
before hauling the rest to RePC.

--James B.

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