[rescue] FREE: SCSI hard drives and tape drives and memory

Doug Simmons dsimmons at lib.siu.edu
Wed Jun 28 08:47:55 CDT 2006

May I get the 9GB drives, please?

If so, how much to ship do ya think?

Doug Simmons

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The 50-pin drives are gone as are two of the 9GB drives.

My list of free items is now:

Qty 2 Travan tape drives
Qty 6 9GB hard drives
Qty 4 16MB DIMMs

I also have:

Qty 1 DDS-3 internal tape drive, 50-pin SE SCSI.  Condition unknown,
12GB native, Compaq part #103548-001.

Phil Brutsche wrote:
> I have, for the price of shipping:
> Qty 4 Quantum ST32S011 hard drives - 3.2GB 3.5" 7200RPM 50-pin SE
> SCSI, 1/3 height.  All drives sound good when spinning up and have
> passed an HBA media check with flying colors.  C'mon, I know someone
> here has an SS2 (or SS10 or Classic/LX or IPX or ...) in need of
drives ;)
> Qty 2 HP-branded Travan tape drives - internal (ie not in a chassis)
> 50-pin SE SCSI, 4GB native.  They power up and are detected by the
> but are untested due to lack of media.
> Qty 8 Quantum Altas IV 9GB SCSI hard drives.  7200RPM Ultra160 LVD,
> height, SCA2 connector.
> Qty 4 16MB parity DIMMs pulled from an IPX.
> Shipping is from zip code 68137.


Phil Brutsche
phil at tux.obix.com
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