[rescue] FS: Octane2 r12k 400Mhz + Indigo2 Max Impact + assorted goodies (pickup around 15213 only)

K. Arun karbak at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 18:06:57 CDT 2006

This machine is in very good working condition with pristine blue
skins but way too loud for my living room. Comes with V8 graphics and
a MENET card with 4 ethernet ports and a bunch of serial ports. It has
a gigabyte of RAM and two sleds with disks : a 9Gb boot disk with a
stock IRIX   6.5.9 install and another ??Gb disk (IIRC, 18Gb).

Other goodies :
* spare 030-1467-00X motherboard for the Octane2
* spare SI graphics card (XIO thingummy scavenged to mount MENET card
originally from an Origin class machine)
* ~9-10 different HotMix CDs, a couple of IndyZone CDs, all in their
original cases

$300 obo, BUT I cannot ship this machine. You need to be able to pick
it up at zip 15213.

I also have a Max Impact Indigo2  with a 250MHz R4400 CPU and 384Mb
memory. Purple casing in decent condition with feet. If you can pick
up the Octane2 at the asking price or nearabouts, the I2 is yours free
for the taking.


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