[rescue] which drives for a blade 100?

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Sat Jun 24 13:06:26 CDT 2006

i've acquired a sun blade 100, and have upped its ram to 640mb. [still
looking for cheap 256 or 512 ram modules.]

it has a 20gig ide drive in it. i am told that the ide controller is a
dog, and i should get a scsi card. anyone have a sunpci scsi card for it?
it would help if i had the part number for it in my search for one? or
can i use any pci scsi card in it?

i presume that with that card i can install an internal  scsi drive.
what is the blade 100's heat tolerance? can i use a 10k drive, or
should i stick with 7200rpm drives?

is there any gain to be had from replacing the 20gig ide drive witha
larger one?

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