[rescue] Why is SSA stuff not worth anything?

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 23:07:25 CDT 2006

So, I'm sitting on a bunch of SSA stuff:

- IBM 4p SSA card w/ 64mb cache and battery
- 8 or 9 SSA cables
- IBM 7133-D40 w/ 72gb
- 8 SSA modules for array
- 2 extra redundant PS for 7133 series

So why does nobody want it? Someone take this stuff off my hands!

I was looking at eBay and it looks like they can't even give away a
7133 loaded with 300GB in it. The 7133 is so overly constructed and
engineered it looks like it would be worth something just to drop on
home intruders.

Is SSA just another example of IBM's extreme quirkiness that never
really caught on? Or is there just no hobbyist market for these
things? Interestingly, theres a healthy market for 43Ps and 44Ps,
which still catch obscene prices. Why is nobody interested in the
storage components to go along with them?

I'm stumped here, but I'm sure some of you can easily explain it to
me. If I wasn't so happy with $40/mo power bills, I think I'd hook all
this stuff up and create some sort of storage network with one of
those quad 16GB SP nodes which just popped up on here. Yum.

-- Aaron Finley

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