[rescue] more goodness available.... lots of SBUS / MBUS

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Jun 21 20:20:59 CDT 2006

der Mouse wrote:
>> found a box loaded with SBUS cards and MBUS processors..
>> inquire with what your looking for , i more than likely have it.
> I've been looking for the SBus-card part of an xbox (the SBus extender,
> not the gaming console).  I've got the expansion chassis, and I've got
> the cable, but I don't have the SBus card.  Last time I mentioned it
> someone said something like "oh you shoulda told me, I threw out a
> bunch just a month or so back".
> I'm sending a copy to the list as well (a) in case someone else has one
> available and (b) to get the request into the archives - it's been a
> while I've been looking for one and haven't seen anything.  I'm putting
> a Reply-To: on this, but I suspect it will get replaced in the list
> copy; for new correspnodents, to reach me offlist I recommend sending
> to both mouse at rodents.montreal.qc.ca and mouse at netbsd.org.

Do ytou know if the Integrix SBUS expansion cards (for their SBUS expansion
chassis) works with Sun xbox and cable ?  If so... I should still have 
an Integrix
card (I have an integrix expansion box too.. but no cable).

If you can find out if it will work... then make whatever offer you deem 
as I have no plans for it (unless I find an integrix expansion cable :-) ).

-- Curt

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