[rescue] Want some IBM SP?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Wed Jun 21 15:23:02 CDT 2006

So, I just bought a bunch of frames of 9076-N81 nodes from work that we 
were getting rid of.  I'd like to divest myself of some of the frames of 
nodes, as I don't have room, power, cooling, or a use for all 10 

The frames each have 16 x 375MHz POWER3-II's, 8 or 16GB ram, a pair of 
18GB hdd's and an SPMX2  or Switch2 switch card (I also have some SP 
switches).  I wanna get $150/node (or $600/rack) for the nodes with 
16GB (and 16GB ram) or $75/node ($300/rack) for nodes with 8GB. (The 
rack with nodes weighs about 1600lbs, which does make shipping somewhat 

I've got two racks with MX2 switches and a few racks with Switch2 
adapters (but no spare switches) to divest myself of.  I'll be selling 
the balance of what I don't get rid of here (or want to keep) via ebay 
(and probably make more money there).

The trick is that they need to be gone within the next 2 weeks at most.  

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