[rescue] Upgrading Ultra 5/10 CPUs

Rox rox at sunmuseum.org
Wed Jun 21 08:13:27 CDT 2006

On 21 Jun 2006 at 8:01, Lionel Peterson wrote:

>   remove the old CPU
>   drop in the new CPU - am I missing anything?
> Is a special tool required to remove/install CPU?

The pins are quite easily bent, and bent pins can be hard to spot, I 
recommend a very close examination of the replacement CPU before 
attempting to fit it, and any pins not dead straight need carefully 
straightening. Make sure it's square on the sockets and apply the 
pressure as evenly as possible during insertion. If the resistance 
begins to feel uneven, pull it back off and check again rather than 
just applying more force. Personally I find it best to remove the 
board from the chassis and have it flat on the bench to change the 

 / Rox / 

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