[rescue] imaging old Mac double density floppy disks

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Jun 20 21:07:08 CDT 2006

>>>Lately, i've been trying to image a bunch of Macintosh formatted 
>>>DD (double density) floppy disks using my x86 linux box.  It 
>>>seems to work like a charm for the HD floppies but none of the DD 
>>>floppies work.
>>>Someone told me that the old Macintosh DD floppy drives (not the 
>>>SuperDrives of days past) were "special" and that it was not 
>>>possible to read older Mac formatted DD floppies using a PC 
>>>floppy drive.  Anyone know if there is any validity to this?  I 
>>>thought that none of that would be relevant if i was using dd 
>>>(i'm not mounting the disks, just trying to image them).
>>>I'm using the following:
>>>$dd </dev/fd0 >./mac_floppy.img
>>>Any ideas?
>>IIRC (and that may not be likely) the DD were 720K and the HD
>>were "similar" to PC disks.  There was once a way to read 720K
>>disks from DOS but I think that "feature" has been deleted or
>>crippled in some way.  Maybe fooling the PC into thinking the 
>>3 1/2 drive was the old B drive (5 1/4) you might do it.  I never
>>played with it so YMMV.  :)
> Just read another post which jogged my memory.  Yeah 400/800. :(
> Didn't realize that the superdrive was 1.6 M.  I know there was
> an app that would write to a PC disk but I don't remmber if it
> was more recent vintage.  Otherwise, you could get an old Mac 
> and have Appletalk commuicate to a PC......  :)

I remember using something in the old days called Mac-in-DOS, but don't 
remember exactly what its capabilities were. It was a DOS program that 
read and wrote Mac floppies. I don't remember what capacity.

THe good news is that a Google search for Mac-in-DOS yielded a few 
places it could be downloaded, at least one for free.


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