[rescue] Sun SpeakerBox Docs

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sun Jun 18 11:56:35 CDT 2006

Hi, Janet,

Janet Campbell wrote:
>> I'd like to repurpose some speakerboxes.  I'm curious
>> if anyone has any *detailed* information on the guts
>> thereof.
> How detailed is detailed?

I was hoping for a schematic that would let me figure out where
to cut into the circuit...  :-(

> It's got an onboard CS4215, with a 2-bit parallel synchronous CHI 
> interface over four wires (clock, frame sync, data in and out) and a dinky 
> amplifier and speaker.  It gets thrown between master and slave mode 
> depending on if it's handling audio data or control data.  If you're 
> planning to interface to the CS4215, CS pub number DS76PP5 has the 
> information you need.

Yes, that's pretty obvious from a casual inspection of the components
inside (though I haven't tried to remove the "button board" as I
suspect that is *all* it is -- and I don't want to risk busting
anything plastic up there).

> If you just want to gut it and use it as a dumb amplified speaker...it's a 
> hassle.  Volume and output selection (speaker vs headphones vs mute) is 
> all set through the CHI bus (with interaction from the host) and while you 
> might find a way to hardwire the amplifier to a specific volume and output 
> device, you couldn't really use any of the controls.

I want to *almost* use it as intended but without having to stick
to Sun's I/F -- though I may not have any choice, there (due to
their choice of components).  But, I want/need to know how
many of the "controls"/indicators are independant vs. hardwired,
etc.  (e.g., the power indicator, etc.)

> Does this help?

Thanks.  I'll sacrifice one and trace foils to hack together
a schematic.


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