[rescue] goodies available for rescue

Anderson sunfriek at ussonet.net
Wed Jun 14 17:53:02 CDT 2006

well now that ive moved and found a bunch of stuff that needs to find a
new home

heres the begining of the list:

Sun Cobalt Cube 2
Sun Ultra 60mb
sun AXi motherboard
lots of U5/U10/AXi processors .. everything from 270-360mhz
ncd Xterm brand new in the box
Ultra 5's/ Ultra 10's
Cisco 4000M router
Cisco 4500M router
Cisco 4700M router
Cisco 2610 Router's
LOTS more sun stuff.. just ask..
Lots more Cisco stuff.. just ask...

things im in NEED of:
E4x00 base (i got CPU boards/i/o boards)
18GB or bigger disks 1.6" ok
Spud brackets
cisco stuff..

if interested email me off-list

best regards

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