[rescue] Blade 100

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Tue Jun 13 15:59:12 CDT 2006

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>Date: Tue Jun 13 14:13:52 CDT 2006
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>Subject: Re: [rescue] Blade 100


>As I am currently fighting with an "upgrade" of Kubuntu taking my Xorg
>south (working from a Live CD at the mo), I gotta say, I miss the Mac.

A few points:

I was plesantly suprised that the Ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS release did so well with not only my older Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop (1600x1200 display no problem, but it didn't default to it off the live CD) and the ZyXEL 802.11G wireless card I got for $10 (after rebate) at CompUSA "Just Worked" (after I picked the wireless network to use). I've seen a lot of comments about the things that are broken, but like your problem Nadine, it seems to focus around Upgrade issues, not fresh installs...

I pulled out my 15" Powerbook 550 MHz G4 w/1 Gig of RAM and a nice speedy HD, and was amazed at how slow things were (or atleast seemed). Windows took a while to open (even on locally running applications)... I remmebered this being a much faster system. I think I'm running OS/X 10.3, I never got around to upgrading to 10.4 (bought it, tried it, but never actually did the upgrade).

Anyone have advice on upgrade vs. rebuild on this? I guess at it's root, this is a 10.1 or 10.2 build of the O/S that was upgraded a few times. I saw an article at oreilly network on rebuilding an older Powerbook by swapping the drive and starting over, and I was thinking about just starting over...


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