[rescue] Sun/Cisco gear in Orange County (CA) area

Ahmed Ewing aewing at townisp.com
Sat Jun 10 00:12:15 CDT 2006

A fellow frequenter of another primarily non-Sun forum has some 
interesting stuff for sale, so I figured I'd pass it along here (with 
his permission) since I'm on the wrong coast to take advantage... I'm 
not a Cisco guy so I don't know how competitive those numbers are, but 
I think we'll agree that the last price on the barebones U60 is quite 
juicy ;-)

His descriptions below...

2620 Router - 16F/64D, 1FE port. - the switch is loaded. you can pick 
up ethernet and serial WICs relatively cheaply off of eBay. it'll make 
a great SOHO router or can be used for a lab.

3620 Router - 16F/64D w/ 1xNM-4B-U NT1 4 port ISDN BRI module.

WS-C2948G - 48 10/100 ports, and 2 gige ports. the gig-e ports have a 
fiber GBIC.

Catalyst 4003 - w/ 1xWS-X4012 Management/Supervisor Engine, w/ 
1xWS-X4148-RJ21 48-port 10/100 telco module.

Cisco Network Analysis Module WS-X6380-NAM

All the devices are in great working condition, and can be used in a 
production environment or in a lab for a CCNP/DP/IE, etc. The 4003, 
2620, 3620 are all modular devices which can be upgraded to do a 
multitude of things.


Sun Stuff

Sun Ultra 60 - it's a barebones system with 1 CPU. you can pick up 
memory and an HD for this system pretty cheap off of eBay.


All items do not include shipping. I prefer local pickups. However, I 
will work with you in handling shipping so that it's best for both 
parties involved.


2620 - $200
3620 w/module - $250
WS-C2948G - $375
4003 w/modules - $450

take these 4 items for $1175 AND i'll pay for shipping if the items do 
need to be shipped to you.

WS-X6380-NAM - $750
Ultra 60 - $10   <----(*GREAT* price!   -A)

Let the record reflect that I don't know the guy personally, so 
in-person transactions are always the safest given the dollar amounts 
involved... With that said, he can be reached
at xyyz2000 at yahoo.com. He is located in ZIP 92886.

Hope that helps,


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