[rescue] Interest in sun4m? Rescuing systems in Portland, OR

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Fri Jun 9 16:11:44 CDT 2006

A quick followup:  I've received at least 6-8 response in just the last 12 
hours or so -- it's great to know there's still so much interest, 
especially in the SGI kit.  I'm looking forward to getting into those 
machines to see what's in there! :-)

I think this will really help the Free Geek guys understand that there's 
an interest in these old machines, and it should help us make our case for 
them to be flexible in letting us distribute them.  Because their 
warehouse space is so cramped, one idea is to do a massive move - pulling 
all the Sun/SGI gear out and taking it in one massive haul to an off-site 
location and doing the inventory work there.  That would give us some 
"breathing room", and some time to do a proper job of cleaning up the 
machines.  For folks not in the region, we'd have to do our shipping 
operations off-site anyway, since they really don't have the space for it.

I'll definitely keep y'all posted on this as we work our way through the 


-- Chris

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