[rescue] Picked up a Cisco 4006 today

Caleb Shay caleb at webninja.com
Fri Jun 9 14:53:52 CDT 2006

On 6/9/06, Aaron Finley <aaronfinley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I picked up a bunch of networking stuff today, looks like I have a
> Catalyst 2900XL 12-port
> Catalyst 2950 24-port
> Cisco Fast Hub 400
> Watchguard Firebox II
> Catalyst 4006
> Now the interesting piece appears to be the 4006, here is the config:

Actually, from my point of view, the Firebox II is the interesting
one.  I snapped up a bunch of these on eBay for next to nothing since
you can put m0n0wall (freebsd based firewall/router/vpn with nice web
gui) on them to turn them back into a useful piece of hardware.


Make sure to read all of the additional notes at the bottom, since the
CF card is no longer required, you can now blow the image back into
the internal storage.

Oh, and once m0n0wall is installed, the serial console on it works fine.

I use these for all of my firewalling needs.


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