[rescue] Picked up a Cisco 4006 today

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 14:44:04 CDT 2006

Hello folks,

I picked up a bunch of networking stuff today, looks like I have a

Catalyst 2900XL 12-port
Catalyst 2950 24-port
Cisco Fast Hub 400
Watchguard Firebox II
Catalyst 4006

Now the interesting piece appears to be the 4006, here is the config:

3 power supplies
WS-X4013 twin fiber management module
Qty. 4 WS-X4148 48 port 10/100 modules

It turns on and all the lights go green and all the power supplies work fine.

So, I don't really have any use for it, and it is too big to be home
decor, so I was wondering, first, what is it worth? Secondly, does
anybody want it? I'm going to try and find some docs on it and see how
I can interface it to get the configuration out of it.

-- Aaron Finley

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