[rescue] Sun Blade 100, SGI and Lombard advice needed

Kevin Foote kevin.foote at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 10:49:01 CDT 2006

you have mentioned just about everything i could be interested in :-)
actually my single o200 could use a partner (perhaps 2) HA

just how close are you to 15701 (western pa) mabe i could rent a u-haul ;)
then the wife would really kill me. im hunting for a g130 or 2 for my indy
and maybe a
challenge-s would be nice..


> I've got literally STACKS of these in my house.  At least a half-dozen
> of them, probably more.  I'd like to trim it down to just one clean
> one.  I'd love a CosmoCompress card (preferably with the matching
> CosmoVideo card), but they still go for FAR too much money, if you can
> even find them.  What I DO have is a CosmoAudio card (which I had
> never even heard of, and have never found drivers for).  Apparently
> it's a hardware audio compression card for using with the IRIX video
> conferencing software who's name eludes me right now.  Not the one in
> 6.5, the one that came with 5.3.
> Shipping them is a pain, but they are free for pickup in northeast
> Penn.  I've got a couple of spare 15-17" SGI monitors too (cant'
> remember the size, I think they are 17").  I think I even have a spare
> IndyCam.  I'd be willing to deliver them a reasonable distance (say,
> up to 2.5 hours from 18324, so that includes as far south as Philly
> and as far east as the NJ/NY border) in exchange for..umm..I don't
> know.  SGI gear I don't have?  Interesting doodads?  A Sun that is
> better than my craptastic Ultra10?
> I've also got a couple of ChallengeS's up for grabs.  Think
> Indy+2ndSCSIChannel-Video.
> Also up for grabs/trade is an R10K Octane.  I think it has 512MB of
> RAM, I can check if there is interest.  SI graphics.  Takes standard
> PS2 Keyboard/Mouse.
> I'm also considering getting rid of my Origin 200's.  They are just
> too loud and hot for the living room :), so I never use them
> anymore.That's 2xOrigin 200s, each with 2xR10K (mumble...some
> speed...mumble) procs, 1GB RAM, and the CrayLink cable to connect
> them.  I've got 3 or 4 of the drive sleds for these too (same drive
> sleds as Octane).  _No_skins_.  However, I do have the drive bay
> blanks for the bays that don't have sleds.  Oh, and one of them DOES
> have a CDROM drive in it for installing IRIX (I could even blow on a
> fresh install of 6.5.<mumble 20 something?> for you).
> Things I'm looking for via trade or cash or both:
> I _good_ O2.  At least R10K+analog a/v module.  Or an O2+ (with firewire).
> An Octane2 with V(int) graphics.
> A Fuel (these are rapidly becoming VERY affordable)
> A non-sucky desktop Sun.  (Currently my Sun collection tops out at an
> Ultra10)

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