[rescue] HP 9000 power problem

Kevin Fitzgerrell fitzgerrell at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 16:42:31 CDT 2006

> Steve Sandau wrote:
> I have an HP 9000 715/100 (thanks to a listmember a while back).

I still have these in service at $ork (4 in service, 4 spares, + a few parts

It will not always stay powered on for more than a few seconds. I have
> gotten it to run by plugging it into an outlet on a different breaker
> where the voltage is just a bit higher. Seems that 121v will get it to
> run, while 117v causes it to run for a couple of seconds and turn itself
> off.

Power supply does sound like the problem - as far as I remember, it was not
an uncommon issue.

> Does anyone have a power supply for this beast, or have any experience
> fixing this type of problem on a 7xx workstation?
> For a well written presentation of fixing the most common failure on these
power supplies, see:

I rarely see parts for these.  The power supplies are still available from
HP (as far as I know), but probably cost more than a whole spare box from an
HP reseller (we've been paying around $400-600 for these workstations with a
reasonable configuration in new or as new condition).  Some potential
sources for parts or spare box include:



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