[rescue] Sun microphones

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Tue Jun 6 14:16:53 CDT 2006


I am begrudgingly learning that not all Sun's are created
equal (wrt Sun microphones).  Apparently, a "type I"
microphone will work in a SS5 -- but not in a U1, etc.
(it sounds as if the impedance of the microphone is too

OK, fine.  Unstick the microphone I holder from the front
of the monitor and start digging in the junk box for
a "type II" microphone.

Hmmm... won't fit the same mounting bracket that the type I
microphone used.  The type II appears to have been mounted
on a "stick" of some sort?  (there is a "hole" orthogonal
to the microphone into which I assume this "support stick"
must have been inserted)

So, two questions:

Can someone clarify the differences between the two
microphones (electrically)?

Anyone have a spare "stick"?


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