[rescue] HP 9000 power problem

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Jun 6 13:19:34 CDT 2006

I have an HP 9000 715/100 (thanks to a listmember a while back).

It will not always stay powered on for more than a few seconds. I have 
gotten it to run by plugging it into an outlet on a different breaker 
where the voltage is just a bit higher. Seems that 121v will get it to 
run, while 117v causes it to run for a couple of seconds and turn itself 

This is with one drive in it. With a second drive it powers itself down 
as soon as I hear the drive begin to spin up.

I suspect this is a power supply problem. This is reinforced by finding 
some info in a comp.sys.hp.hpux archive about the same problem being 
fixed by replacing the power supply.

Does anyone have a power supply for this beast, or have any experience 
fixing this type of problem on a 7xx workstation?



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