[rescue] OT: Maintaining list threading

Michael Parson mparson at bl.org
Mon Jun 5 10:08:24 CDT 2006

On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 01:34:03AM -0400, Ahmed Ewing wrote:
> Can anyone offer some assistance on how to get my replies to this list
> to thread properly, preferably using OS X? Currently all my replies
> show up as new threads, so to speak, instead of replies to established
> ones.
> - There doesn't appear to be any simple one-click way to reply
> to messages in the daily digest via clickable URLs in the body;
> it just wants to start a 100% blank reply to that address
> instead. Furthermore, mail.app doesn't seem to let me manually
> set/change the "in-reply-to" header value, which would let me cobble
> together my own reply.
> - When I click an "at"-munged email address in the archives using
> Firefox in an attempt to reply, there is never an appropriate
> "In-Reply-To" header entry in the presented mailto: url (it's either
> blank for the original posts or correct for my target's "in-reply-to"
> and twice-removed for mine, leading me to believe that the archive
> mailto: URLs are not intended to be used in this way).
> I'd really prefer not to abandon the daily digest and receive the list
> as individual emails (for obvious inbox clutter reasons). I *would*
> prefer to not screw up the list threading any longer for the benefit
> of the rest of you. :) Hopefully I'm just overlooking something very
> simple. Thanks in advance for any insight.

OSX's Mail.app does have mail filtering, last option on the right from
the Preferences window.  Should be easy enough to set up a folder for
your lists and just have them filtered into sepreate folders, reducing
your inbox clutter tremendously.

Secondly, I know that the mh mailer has a 'burst' function for dealing
with digested lists.  It basically 'bursts' the digest into the
individual messages so they can more easily be dealt with inside the
mailer.  The only similar tool I've found for the Mac is "Digest Viewer"
and it seems to not only not be available any more, but for "Classic"
(pre OS-X) only.

Might be able to install nmh out of darwinports or fink and use burst
from it?  Might also be able to script up something that replaces the
munged From: lines.

I still read my mail remotely on a NetBSD box using mh and/or mutt,
never have been able to get into graphical mailers.  I just figure out
enough of Mail.app to provide support to my sister, who got a Mac on my

Michael Parson
mparson at bl.org

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