[rescue] Potential SVM issue in Solaris 10; anybody got a spud?

Bryan Gurney arb_npx42 at comcast.net
Sun Jun 4 13:33:21 CDT 2006

Well, I was about to get the Ultra 60 ready to install on the two brand new 73 GB Cheetahs (hopefully they do get recognized; if not, I'll have a rather nice pair of drives to sell off, or put into an x86 blackbox or something).  I did a Google search for /"solaris 10" svm/ and stumbled upon this:

|Synopsis: Booting Off of a Single Disk From a Mirrored Root Pair May Fail With a Panic
|1. Impact
|On systems with Solaris Volume Manager (SVM), where root is mirrored and logging is enabled on the root filesystem, a system panic may be seen during the boot operation that follows a hard disk failure.

So from that description, if you get into that panicky state where one of your disks with SVM mirroring dies out, and you have the root filesystem in a submirror, and with logging turned on, you'll have to get a boot CD, mount the living submirror, and turn off logging in order to start repairing things.  The patch is out, but the date on the file is February 06, so I don't think it's in the latest release of Solaris 10 (1/06).  I guess that will be among the first things I seek after getting a stable system.

What are the best practice rules on logging with UFS, for root and other partitions?  I booted up the U60 on the 18 GB disk install of the initial Solaris 10 release, and it only has logging on the slice I used for /export/home.  One of my other Solaris-savvy friends says that ideally, logging should be enabled on all partitions, because otherwise the filesystems aren't journaled in case of a power outage or spontaneous reboot.

On another note, does anybody in the Boston area have a spud to sell off that would fit in the U60?  The guy who sold me the U60 was more of an NT Compaq/HP guy, so he had no idea that the bracket that he had lying around came from some StorEdge box (the bracket was all plastic, with a lever that covered the entire front face of the drive, with a hinge on the far left and a clip on the far right; the side rail position matched that of a U1/U2 style spud, but it was about 3 mm too long, so it wouldn't actually clip down in the U60).  Even worse, he gave me a 9 GB Compaq firmware Seagate Cheetah that sounded like it had old bearings, and wouldn't work with the U60 (on detecting it, the Solaris 10 setup CD made the 40 MBps SCSI bus fall back all the way down to async, something that I've never seen before).  Since I don't trust the drive's age, and I don't happen to have a ProLiant DL360 lying around, I'm going to just take off the drive's cover and make it another fancy paperwe
along with the other 9 GB Cheetah that I voluntarily retired.

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