[rescue] FS: Long SCSI cables (EMC/Sun), RusselStoll Power

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Jun 2 09:30:38 CDT 2006

> VHDCI.  It's great for connecting external stuff because you can plug 2
> or even 4 SCSI devices into one card (the Compaq/HP SmartArray
> controller has 4 VHDCI ports; now that's a lot of StorageWorks shelves).
> Most of the VHDCI cables have a head that is tilted a little so you can
> plug in four connectors, bottom-to-bottom.  I'm pretty sure it's LVD,
> but be sure to check the SCSI icon just in case.
> I know that the Sun Fire V240 has a VHDCI connector for its external SCSI connectivity.  I just wish that I had a V240. :-)

Yea! That's the one! Very high density. The only downside is the wieght of
the cable versus the connector. I have seen where the screw downs for the
cable have broken off.

I misrepresented my listing. There are *4* of the black EMC style cables
and 3 Sun ones. Same price, of course.

The only board I actually have with those connectors in any of my machines
is perhaps a single smart array.

These were with some other stuff. To get item A and B, I had to buy A thru
ZZZZZ as a lot.

				- Ethan

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