[rescue] Sun 690MP available for free

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Mon Jul 31 14:24:39 CDT 2006

Unfortunately I have to thin the herd. It's never an easy choice, but I
have to let go of some large systems.

I have a Sun 690MP available, with it's native chassis (modified 19in
rack with custom covers).

Memory exists, but quantity is unknown. Two disk trays full of disks of
unknown capacity come with the system. 2 CPU cards come with the system,
but no CPU's. I have a pair of SM85's I'd donate to make it useful.
Parts are available, often for free.

Pickup truck, minivan or trailer needed for pickup. Or you can bring 6
men with you and we'll strap it to the roof of your car (not responsible
for dents in roof). It's located in my cellar, but we have a "drive
through" cellar so no stairs are involved. If you have stairs at its
destination it can be disassembled into component chassis and moved with
two men.

Alternatively, I have an open utility trailer and a truck to tow with.
If we can find a *dry* day we can move it on the trailer.

Reply if interested. This is located 40 minutes North of Concord, NH.

I have no fear of death, it's the 10 minutes before death that has me

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