[rescue] (Offtopic) X-Message-Flag fun for Outlook users

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sat Jul 29 10:41:59 CDT 2006

Bill Bradford wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 29, 2006 at 01:52:21AM -0700, Devin L. Ganger wrote:
>> However, these flags don't just show up as nice little informational
>> boxes on the message that I can look at and laugh; they also flag the
>> message for followup. Since I'm attempting to actually use some of the
>> nicer features of Outlook (including the Search Folders functionality),
>> these falsely-tagged messages are starting to become more of a nuisance.
> Use a crappy mail client, deal with the crap that comes with it? 8-)
> mrbill at ohno:~> mutt -v
> Mutt 1.5.11 (2005-09-15)
> Wow, I just realized that I've been using Mutt for .. eight years now.

I read the list via Thunderbird, because it comes to my Speakeasy
address which I read via Thunderbird.  But most of my mail comes to
caerllewys.net, which I read with mutt.  I thought back, and I think
I've been using mutt since 1992.  You get used to things that Just Work,
I guess.

Here's a handy little mutt hack that automatically enables
encrypt-and-sign to anyone you have a public key for:

send-hook . "unset pgp_autoencrypt"
source `gpg --list-public-keys --with-colons | awk -F: '{print $10}' |
grep '>$' | sed -e 's/^.*<//' -e 's/>//' | while read i; do echo
"send-hook $i 'set pgp_autoencrypt'";done | sort -u > .mutt_pgprc &&
echo .mutt_pgprc`

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