[rescue] rescue my money

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Jul 29 07:27:03 CDT 2006

>>If you mailed a USPS money order the Postal Inspector Service takes  
>>that stuff very seriously. As in lock her skanky butt up in the  
>>federal clink seriously.
> You can also see *if* the MO has been cashed, etc.
> And don't expect any quick fixes...  :-(

I had a similar eBay transaction lately. It worked out all right 
finally, but in the process I found that you can fill out a form and pay 
$3 to see if a USPS MO was cashed. I didn't have to do that, so I don't 
know any more details. I found that out by calling the 800 # for the 
USPS in the phone book.

I also contacted eBay right after the sale (fraud department) because 
the MO was supposed to go to an address in Ohio, and the item was being 
sold by someone in SC, and the SC person had one sale in his feedback, a 
negative with something about his identity being stolen, and so on.

Anyway, eBay sent me the contact information for the seller and I was 
able to call him and make new arrangements for payment and shipping. 
FWIW, I was not able to find any of his info from other online sources.

So, between contact info from eBay, and tracking down the MO, maybe you 
can get somewhere. I really hope you do; I understand at least a little 
of the frustration.


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