[rescue] SGI pieces wanted

Jeremy Grosser synack at csh.rit.edu
Thu Jul 27 06:16:38 CDT 2006

I got my hands on an O2 a few months ago from Rochester Computer  
(http://www.rochestercomputer.com/). They are a retail front for a  
'computer recycling' business that takes old hardware from large  
companies. They also maintain an eBay store (http://stores.ebay.com/ 
Electronics-Cafe) that sometimes has some interesting hardware.

Look through their site and eBay auctions for an O2, if you can't  
find one, call them. Because I am local, I managed to get a tour of  
their warehouse (and an Ultra 5). They have pallets of assorted  
hardware, some of which is rescue-worthy. They should be able to dig  
up an O2 for you. I paid them $10 for my O2 off eBay which turned out  
to have double the RAM they listed and a DVD-ROM drive.

I got the sense that they didn't like dealing direct with somebody  
that was only buying one piece of hardware, so you might want to make  
a shopping list. They tend to charge a bit much for Apple hardware,  
but they've got a good selection of older Sun boxes and a few SGI  
boxes. If you can afford the shipping, they've got stuff by the pallet.

As far as the IRIX 6.5 CDs go, I managed to get my hands on a set for  
a few hours to make images of them... Unfortunately, my PowerBook was  
unable to copy the boot sector of the discs properly and none of the  
images worked.
Jeremy Grosser
synack at csh.rit.edu

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