[rescue] Bulk Eraser suggestions?

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Tue Jul 25 18:07:08 CDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 18:53, Nick B. wrote:
> While tannerite is nifty, Primacord and det caps are much more flexible.  That
> and ranges in NOVA that allow you to shoot Tannerite are few.

How about a solution involving shredding the tapes.

They are mostly iron and non-degradable plastic or polyester right?

Mix the shredded tapes (not the sharp-edged cassettes) with slop and
feed to pigs.  

The pigs will eat it and when it is excreted, no one will be trying to
figure out how to put the tapes back together.


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