[rescue] FS/FT: PIII Xeons and 4GB RAM

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sun Jul 23 18:35:33 CDT 2006

Hi, Dave,

David Muran-de Assereto wrote:
> I've got the remnants of a server here which I have no use for. The
> interesting parts seem to be 4xPIII Xeons 700Mhz/2MB cache and 4GB of PC100
> ECC Registered 512MB Registered DIMMS (which works great with the Xeons).

Do you know how interchangeable the Xeons are from machine to machine?
And, do the little power regulators vary?  Or are they standardized?

I have a DG AViiON that will take up to 4 Xeons but I am not
sure if there are any special requirements, etc.

(no idea what sort of memory it takes, either  :<)

> Looking to trade for 36GB SCA SCSI drives, money, or whatever you propose
> that will strike my fancy.

Heh heh heh... I could send you brownies but they wouldn't hold
up in the mail!!  :>

Is your son enjoying our heat?  He seemed to find the Va weather
tougher (no doubt the humidity -- I lived in NE for much of my
life and can recall how miserable summers could get...)

Remember, winter is just a few months away!  ;-)


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