[rescue] Hardware failure

Ian Viemeister sun-rescue at ian.viemeister.com
Sat Jul 22 11:40:24 CDT 2006

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> Right now, unless you can show me an example otherwise, all PCs with HT
> are currently using HT as a frontside bus, with the CPU as master, and
> several slave hosts on it, usually northbridge and southbridge.  My own
> motherboard also puts SATA on HT.

Like these examples? (Block diagram on second page of each):

These at least split onboard I/O and PCI/PCI-e busses over two HT links,
each attached to one CPU of a four socket board.  Neat thing about these
boards is the two "external" HT links, to hookup a "daughterboard" (more
like kid-sisterboard, really :-) that is basically a copy of the main
motherboard, minus I/O -- four more CPU sockets, 16 more DIMM sockets.

Nice boards.  They max out at 8 sockets (16 cores with DC-8xx CPUs), and
128GB of RAM.

I'll grant you that I haven't seen a single or dual socket board with the
same sort of HT configuration, though.


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