[rescue] How to move an IBM SP using a minivan..

Francois Dion francois.dion at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 09:15:31 CDT 2006

On 7/19/06, Rox <rox at sunmuseum.org> wrote:
> On 18 Jul 2006 at 13:38, Francois Dion wrote:
> > If you think about it, a minivan is designed to move 8 adults + stuff.
> > Assuming 200-250lbs per person, that is definitely more than that
> > server. 7 or 8 seater wagons tend to make good haulers too.
> I have to wonder if any of the people who move hardware this way have
> ever considered the kinetic energy of 800 pounds of server travelling
> at 60 mph, and what it would do to the front seat and driver in the
> event of a frontal collision.
> --
>  / Rox /

Yes, consideration was given to this. It can be very safe with the
proper safety measures. In general terms, as long as the load is tied
down properly, it is no different than 800 lbs of humans. A server in
a rack is the most safe way instead of moving individual servers as it
is easier to tie down. I use Highland 1-1/2" (yellow) ratcheting
straps, each rated at 5000lbs. 1 in front, 1 in back and 2 tying the
server down. With pallets I use only 3 straps.

In the case of my favorite utilitarian vehicule (505 sw8 turbo), it is
designed to carry 8 adults+luggage or 2400 lbs at > 200 km/h on the
autobahn. Torque tube, solid rear axle, panhard rod, heavy duty sport
suspension w/8 valve shocks, front and rear sway bars, limited slip
diff, excellent braking. This means that it is a lot easier to avoid
an accident and also that the vehicule is overengineered for regular
road conditions.

Also, when you fold the middle seat, it creates a barrier between the
front and the cargo space, anchored by no less than 24 grade 8
fasteners in a steel reinforced beam in the floor. (the rear seat
folds flat and rests against that beam). I've further added 4
retractable anchoring points for more flexible anchoring.

Overall, I'd rather haul stuff in this car than in a commercial van.
Plus I stay on the good side of 20mpg and it is designed by
Pininfarina and that is really important, you want to haul in style!


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