[rescue] HP Advancestack 2000 switches available for postage

jwb-tech at picarefy.com jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Mon Jul 17 01:28:21 CDT 2006

Unit 1: 4 J3103A modules @ 2 J3028A 100baseVG ports each
         1 J3191A module @ 2 J3192C 100baseTX ports each
         1 empty slot with blanking plate
         redundant power supply
Powers up and passes self-test. I'm not sure the redundant power
supply actually works -- when the redundant but not the main is
plugged in, the lights are all off and the only detectable activity is
that the fans are running. Admin password unknown. Slide-in LED labels
for one module are missing.

Unit 2: 1 J3191A module @ 2 J3192C 100baseTX ports each
         5 empty slots with blanking plates
Powers up and passes self-test. Admin password unknown.

One of these is a leftover from when I was trying to collect every
type of networking in the world and wanted some 100baseVG on my LAN.
I've gotten better. :) The other one I bought for modules. These
things are highly configurable and have some neat options available:
the J3191A modules can take pluggable 100baseTX ports or 100baseFX
(dual SC). There are also 10base modules which have four 10baseT
ports, one of which is shared with a pluggable module that can be
10base5/2/FL (dual ST), and a different 10base module that has four
10baseFL ports (also dual ST). I've heard of ATM modules. The real
winner, for me, are the FDDI modules (DAS MIC). I got into
Advancestacks originally because they were the best way I could find
(available at the time on Ebay for a price I could afford) to switch
between an FDDI ring and Fast Ethernet.

No, I don't have any FDDI modules available. These are mine! MINE!
Mine, do you hear me?

Er... Sorry about that. :)

--James B.

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