[rescue] Hardware failure

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Jul 16 13:43:04 CDT 2006

Lionel Peterson wrote:
> Well, yeah - but it is also a strong argument for getting along with your older technology (as many people seem to these days, esp. here ;^) or for a forklift upgrade.

Oh, sure.  Or for planning ahead and scheduling your upgrades before the
inexpensive OTC part turns into unobtainium.

> Which one do you think the PC Mfgs. prefer?

Duh.  :)

I did a fork-lift upgrade from whitestar to vorlon, yeah .... but that
was because UPS smashed whitestar into twisted metal and warped boards.
 I think I ended up being able to save the RAM, the floppy drive and the
power supply, and nothing else.

> A modern-day Celeron is very adequate for many desktop users, esp. when MB/CPU bundles (sans CPU cooling solution) can be had for $59 (after $20 rebate).[0] If that user ever wanted to upgrade, they could go to a dual core 800/533 MHz FSB P4 CPU up to 3.8 GHz without having to upgrade anything other than the CPU (and possibly the fan/heatink, depending on the thermal properties of the replacement CPU). It makes a nice little box that will be usable for a while...

Sure.  Same thing applies to Duron/Athlon, or Sempron/Athlon64.

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