[rescue] Hardware failure

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>Date: 2006/07/16 Sun AM 07:47:34 CDT
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>No, that's not what I meant.  What I meant was that vorlon, for example,
>is a socket 939 machine with an Athlon64 3000.  If I decide right now
>that I want to upgrade to a dual-core Athlon64 4800, I can do so simply
>by buying and installing the new processor.  Fifteen minutes of work,
>and probably no reinstall required.  But if, six months from now, there
>are no longer any Socket 939 processors available on the market, the
>same upgrade becomes a matter of a new CPU, a new motherboard, new RAM,
>and quite possibly an OS reinstall to get all the correct device drivers
>for the new motherboard all working properly.  That's a fairly strong
>discouragement to upgrading the CPU.

Well, yeah - but it is also a strong argument for getting along with your older technology (as many people seem to these days, esp. here ;^) or for a forklift upgrade.

Which one do you think the PC Mfgs. prefer?

A modern-day Celeron is very adequate for many desktop users, esp. when MB/CPU bundles (sans CPU cooling solution) can be had for $59 (after $20 rebate).[0] If that user ever wanted to upgrade, they could go to a dual core 800/533 MHz FSB P4 CPU up to 3.8 GHz without having to upgrade anything other than the CPU (and possibly the fan/heatink, depending on the thermal properties of the replacement CPU). It makes a nice little box that will be usable for a while...


[0] At microcenter.com, listed on their sales flyer

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