[rescue] Hardware failure

Phil Brutsche phil at tux.obix.com
Sun Jul 16 00:36:55 CDT 2006

nate at portents.com wrote:
> Meanwhile, Intel has pulled ahead with their Core 2 line of CPUs, and will
> stay ahead for the rest of the year for the non-server market (their
> shared bus designs continue to hurt them in the server market).

The "Woodcrest" (5000-series) Xeons and Core 2-based (5100-series) Xeons
have a dedicated per-CPU link to the chipset, reminiscent of the Athlon
MP systems of old.

The 5000-series Xeons give Opterons a run for their money, and the
5100-series Xeons are even faster.

> Hmm?  Performance-wise, no point in upgrading from 939/940 to AM2.  From
> 754, sure, you get dual-core support and dual channel memory controllers,
> but otherwise, no point.  If you need more performance now, go with Core 2
> on July 27, or just wait until next year (unless AMD has some major ace up
> their sleeve no one knows about).

Consumers won't have much choice in the matter, very soon the only CPUs
available will be AM2.

That "ace up their sleeve" is speculated to be a process shrink (65nm
down from the current 90nm) and a clock speed increase.


Phil Brutsche
phil at tux.obix.com

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