[rescue] Hardware failure

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sat Jul 15 22:24:42 CDT 2006

Lionel Peterson wrote:
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>>Date: 2006/07/15 Sat PM 04:20:32 CDT
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>>Subject: [rescue] Hardware failure
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>>I was looking around for replacement motherboard/CPU combos and found
>>that there's rather little AthlonXP hardware still on the market.  It
>>seems it's almost all Athlon64 now, but what really surprised me was
>>that the remaining few AthlonXP bundles I managed to find were actually
>>more expensive than Athlon64 bundles at the same speed.
>>Signs of the times, I guess.
> I just put one of these combos together, but I don't think the CPU is compatible with your application (though I must plead ignorance on the subject of AMD CPUs - I haven't knowingly used an AMD CPU since I built a box with the "totally awesome" AMD 586 chip, with the expanded 16 K cache... (think it was referred to as the 486++ CPU - used on some SunPC boards for SBUS bixes)

Oh, I can *find* AthlonXP CPUs.  I can't find anything under a 2800+ in
a combo, but standalone OEM-pack CPUs are still available in pretty wide
variety.  I'm just hoping I can find the one I know I already have
(somewhere) instead of having to buy one, but worst case, I can buy one
for $40 shipped.

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