[rescue] a possible dvdrom for sun blade 100?

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Jul 12 09:26:33 CDT 2006

> If it is IDE it is likely to work, and very unlikely to cause permenant
> problems unless one of the devices is actually damaged already.

Tuning in on this late, keep in mind that the DVD drive has to support the
equivalent of the SCSI-II set blocksize command (or whatever it's called).

If it does not or you don't "boot cdrom", it will be in 2048 byte block
mode and you will get overruns. Solaris eventualy fixed this problem and
will boot from 2048 byte block drives. I know Solaris 10 has the fix, I
don't know when it appeared.

AFIK NONE of the other operating systems, e.g. Linux, xBSD, SunOS, etc
have this support in them.

I don't know which DVD or CDROM drives support the command, but as a guess,
Sony, Plextor and Toshiba do, and NEC does not. This is based on their
SCSI drives.


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