[rescue] a possible dvdrom for sun blade 100?

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Wed Jul 12 00:37:22 CDT 2006

in the continuing saga of my blade 100, i have had the following
thought. i have a hitachi GD-7000 dvd-rom which was pulled from my
daughter's g4 when we installed a dvd-burner. it is an ide device
which was very satisfactory when she only wanted to burn cds.

there is no problem physically in replacing the cdrom (liteon i
believe) which the blade 100 comes with.  i also know that there are
blad 100s with dvd-roms in them.

sometimes however, drives have firmware which is particular to the
manufacturer of the computer. how can i tell if this is so for the
drive in this case? google tells me nothing, unfortunately.
also, does sun have an accessible list of supported dvd-rom drives?

any clues to help me answer this question would be appreciated.

also, if you have successfully replaced the cdrom with a dvd-rom,
which one?

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