[rescue] what hard drive to go with my SYM22801 ijn blade 100?

Phil Brutsche phil at tux.obix.com
Mon Jul 10 17:59:21 CDT 2006

Arthur Wouk wrote:

> with all the guidance here, i am now ready to put a scsi drive in the
>  blade 100.  in addition to the sym22801, there is a sunpci II card 
> with 128megs ram (i am looking for something for the other slot - 
> anyone got anything?) and a 20gig ide drive, and the usual floppy and
>  cdrom. [the sunpci II card comes with a pair of connectors (looks 
> like a parallel or serial port and a VGA connector.) this uses up a 
> second pci slot. are they worth giving them the  slot? i had to pull
>  an extra ethernet 10/100 card  to install the scsi card.]

The SunPC II is a single-board PC on a PCI card.  Pull it if you're not
gonna use it in this system.  eBay it if you're not gonna use it at all,
and use the the money you get out of it to offset the cost of the SCSI

> 1_ i am not aware of amy heating problems in the blade 100. is this 
> correct? if not, how fast and large a scsi drive will work within the
>  heat constraints.

Stick to a 10k RPM drive, IMO 15k drives get way to hot if you don't
have air blowing directly over 'em.

> 2) will i find space for a scsi-sca converter inside the blade drive 
> slot, or must i find a 68pin scsi drive? [obviously, i haven't looked
> hard at the installation process (i have a pdf), but would like to
> get a drive and then consider that problem.]

A 68-pin SCSI drive is just as easy to find as an SCA drive and the cost
is negligible.  Personally I generally disapprove of the SCA<->68-pin
adapters, they've caused me more problems than they've solved.

I recommend a Fujitsu MAP3367NP U320 SCSI drive - new $ 120 US, used
under $ 70 US.


Phil Brutsche
phil at tux.obix.com

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