[rescue] what hard drive to go with my SYM22801 ijn blade 100?

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Mon Jul 10 17:48:11 CDT 2006

for all you blade users:

with all the guidance here, i am now ready to put a scsi drive in the
blade 100.  in addition to the sym22801, there is a sunpci II card
with 128megs ram (i am looking for something for the other slot -
anyone got anything?) and a 20gig ide drive, and the usual floppy and
cdrom. [the sunpci II card comes with a pair of connectors (looks like
a parallel or serial port and a VGA connector.) this uses up a second
pci slot. are they worth giving them the  slot? i had to pull an extra
ethernet 10/100 card  to install the scsi card.]

1_ i am not aware of amy heating problems in the blade 100. is this
correct? if not, how fast and large a scsi drive will work within the
heat constraints.

2) will i find space for a scsi-sca converter inside the blade drive
slot, or must i find a 68pin scsi drive? [obviously, i haven't looked
hard at the installation process (i have a pdf), but would like to
get a drive and then consider that problem.]

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