[rescue] help with sym22801 in blade 100

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Mon Jul 10 10:48:59 CDT 2006

>From: James Braid <jamesb at loreland.org>
>Date: Mon Jul 10 08:21:57 CDT 2006
>To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>Subject: Re: [rescue] help with sym22801 in blade 100

>speaking of SGI, I just noticed they have announced end-of-production as 
>of the end of December this year for all their current MIPS-based 
>products (Origin 350, 3900, Tezro, and Fuel). bit of a shame.

Well, bankruptcy is a great opportunity to simplify the product line...


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