[rescue] help with sym22801 in blade 100

James Braid jamesb at loreland.org
Mon Jul 10 08:21:57 CDT 2006

Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> SGI really liked HVD in the 1990s, too.  One of the two internal SCSI
> channels in a typical deskside Challenge/Onyx was HVD, and your chances are
> better than even that any external SCSI channels on those machines are, too.
> In addition, the little Challenge S server (an Indy minus audio and video,
> plus much SCSI and networking) typically had two external HVD SCSI chains.
> Like a regular Indy, however, the internal SCSI stuff was SE.
> I assume other SGI stuff of the period had HVD influences, too, though my
> Indigo2 and Octane are blessedly free of it.

yep - the XIO MSCSI boards were 4x HVD channels (with one that could be 
either HVD or SE) as well.

speaking of SGI, I just noticed they have announced end-of-production as 
of the end of December this year for all their current MIPS-based 
products (Origin 350, 3900, Tezro, and Fuel). bit of a shame.

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