[rescue] Kosher, Craigslist links, etc...

Chris velocityengine at gmail.com
Sun Jul 9 19:38:31 CDT 2006

Ok, so I stopped by and picked up a few machines from the guy. You wanna
talk about a repository of 80's stuff...man this was it.

My little Neon managed to hold the following :

Apple II+, with dual 5 1/4" drives and a Monitor III
Apple IIc
Apple IIGS
two Apple 3 1/2" external drives
one Apple 5 1/4" external drive
Big box of cables
Mac SE/30 w/ b&w portrait monitor
Vectrex with a boxed game and extra boxed controller
A RCA CED videodisc player with about 50 discs (Star Wars and Shaft being
two notable ones)
a Boxed! Atari 2600
and an Odyssey 2 with a couple games

$30 for everything.

I'm gonna keep the video games for myself, but if anyone is interested in
the computers, I'd be willing to make a deal.

Boy, I sure could use some SRAM for my mac...

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