[rescue] Anyone wanting these has to pick them up... within 2 weeks

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Sun Jul 9 17:34:15 CDT 2006


Mac SE
Pile of SS2, SS1, SS1+
Pile of RS/6000 Model 250's
Gateway NS8000 dual PII 333 server 128 MB of RAM and HP NetRAID (no  
disk brackets - I just used cardboard inserts and placed them in on  
top of a wood block)
Annex 1 I think
Apollo 433SX (dead disks but passes other diags)  Looks like crap but  
might polish up nice.
Intel Venus Motherboard with 128 MB of RAM and PPro 200 with high  
quality ball-bearing fan
Trident 2MB Video card
Various Nubus cards
486 PC with Nesticle Nintendo emulator and some classic games  
installed.  DOS 6.22.
Drive tower
511 with I think a dead tape drive in it.


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