[rescue] Exx00 class boards and other assorted Sun goodies

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sun Jul 9 05:11:12 CDT 2006

Brock Johnson wrote:
> Don Y wrote:
>> But, that's "just boards".  I assume if you scrapped "whole
>> machines" you would get less per pound (since much of the weight
>> is "metal"/plastic)?
>>> market prices. Almost all of the boards we sell to the scrapper are 
>>> certified dead. This clearing here is an exception, we need the floor 
>>> space.
>> Understood.  I'm just trying to put things in perspective with scrap
>> prices I see here...
> For the most part. It can see quite a bit of variance, though, probably 
> due to market demands. Last fall, we were getting roughly $1/lb. Last 
> time we sold boards (two months ago), it was 50c/lb. The scrappers don't 
> inspect the stuff either other than to just look at the quantity, so I'm 
> not sure what it is they're looking for.

Yeah, it looks like a very "inexact science".  And, I suspect
different scrappers handle their "input" differently (some,
no doubt, try to salvage working components, etc.)

> There's very little gold on the 
> stuff we toss out (or we'd be taking it off ourselves), so it's not 
> that. We also don't move very much, a couple of boxes every few months. 
> About half of all the boards we toss out are dead disk drive 
> controllers, and dead disk drive chassis and platters make up the bulk 
> of our scrap metal too.
> We strip down any whole machines. Whole machines being set to go out are 
> quite rare, we almost never toss working machines (in fact, I can't 

There are a few places here that generate a fair bit of
"working (old) PC's".  Without even bothering to pull drives,
memory, etc.  Of course, they are older machines (< 1GHz).
I've always wondered what a reasonable scrap price for
that sort of stuff would be...

> remember us ever doing it before), and as I noted in my original post, 
> I'm not sure my boss is going to let us put those 450's out.

Yeah, they look REAL tempting -- but getting it *here* would be
a b*tch!  :-(

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