[rescue] Exx00 class boards and other assorted Sun goodies

Brock Johnson wildefire at brotay.net
Sat Jul 8 17:08:40 CDT 2006

Don Y wrote:
> Out of curiosity, what do you get ($$) for scrap?
> Are these folks reclaiming precious metals or trying
> to resell boards, etc. (which would give a clue as
> to the value THEY place on the scrap).
> Thanks!
> --don
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Typically, a 'large' size moving box filled with boards (~40 pounds) is 
worth about $20 bucks from our scrapper. Metal goes at about half of 
market prices. Almost all of the boards we sell to the scrapper are 
certified dead. This clearing here is an exception, we need the floor 

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