[rescue] Exx00 class boards and other assorted Sun goodies

Brock Johnson wildefire at brotay.net
Sat Jul 8 16:42:11 CDT 2006

Hey Folks,

We've got a couple pallets of gear down at the office that are scheduled 
to be heading for the scrap dealers but I wanted to post it up here to 
see if anyone wants to come claim some of it. Local pickup only right 
now (Zip 77092), preferably during business hours, though I'll see if I 
can get something worked out for materials/shipping cost.

The boss would prefer we were getting something for this as we can sell 
it to the scrappers so any kind of a donation would certainly be 
appreciated but by no means required.

Quantities aren't definite as most of this stuff is sitting in packing 
boxes and we may well be keeping some of it for spare parts.

80x X2612A Exx00 I/O boards.
16x X2761A E10000 system boards
30x 501-3142 E6x00 load boards
15x X9682A E450 power supply
30x Exx00 power supplies, most likely X954A's
  3x E450's, No CPU/Memory/drives, possibly some expansion disk 
backplanes. (These are a maybe, the boss may want to hang onto them)
  4x D1000's, no drives
  1x A5000/5100, no plastics/doors
  5x X9689A E3x00 peripheral power supplies (The front one)
15x Bare Blade 1000 chassis (No anything, just the metal and plastic. 
One or two may have cables/smart card reader in it)

Anything that hasn't disappeared by the end of this week will be heading 
to the board scrapper or the scrap metal dealer.


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