[rescue] ultra 60 cdrom problems

Dimitar Vasilev dimitar.vassilev at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 00:55:32 CDT 2006

Thanks to all!
Could you help me and specify the interface I should look for? AFAIK
it's ultrascsi is implemented as general interface in ultra 60 with
40MB/s peak, which equivalents to plextor 40x ultrawide scsi as I
check specs on ebay and ultra60 reference manual.
Current "buy-it now" range - 20EUR/49 usd.
 Shipping to Czech Republic for CD-R (where am I) - 20euro/ equivalent
and up depending on speed of shipment/proximity/mood of dealer.
With this situation, I'm considering that a SCSI DVD-ROM is also a
worth investment, because of compatibilty with cd-rom and the less
plastics I will need to store info and prices are just 5-.
Could someone recommend a compatible DVD-ROM also?
I saw that Sun X6168 10X DVD-ROM is compatible with ultra 60, but want
to be sure before paying for it.[0]

Happy week-end!

[0] googled on ebay and here
so should be a safe bet.
4X\Xbj` 2PaX[UR
Dimitar Vassilev

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