[rescue] rebuildability

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Jul 7 13:21:06 CDT 2006

Kevin Foote wrote:
> Don
> you are actually right there is a *perfect* faint display this is readable
> using the flashlight method you mentioned.

<grin>  Been there, done that.  Amazing how a little bit of
observation can change your outlook on a project!  :>

(now, OTOH, I've got a compaq TFT450 here that is *sorely* wedged)

> so now is the problem worse or better?? Am I looking at replacing a ribbon
> cable or soldering power leads etc..

The inverters (usualy a pair of them... you will recognize them
because: 1 they look identical 2 they will have pigtails
running off the ends to the CCFL's) usually (I've not
opened a Mac) have power, ground and a brightness control

So, you have to wonder: what would cause BOTH inverters to
shutdown?  :>

First place to look is the power leads to the inverters.

Note that the inverters, when operating, generate KV!
Very low current but definitely enough voltage to overcome
skin resistance even in Kong!  So, if they are functioning
at all, be wary of catching a jolt from them!!

<insert standard disclaimer here>

> with the display being so faint / dark it would most likely be both of these
> power leads to the inverter, or the power supply itself.

In LCD *monitors*, I've usually found bad caps the cause
of this.  Either died prematurely from the heat or were
the "notorious dreaded sleazy caps" that seem to have
gone around.

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